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6 mars 2013 3 06 /03 /mars /2013 11:47

Read up your history and then you’ll reach your destination
Teach up the youth and then you’ll find the solution
Education is the key, will be for eternity
Come focus upon this and then you will see

We’ve come so far, so fast from what they call the past
Laying down foundations and we know they’re gonna last
Present and the future we will never fall
Realize united we stand and divided we fall

This is the wall of community sound
We’re comin’ to get you, comin’ to track you down
No escapin’ from this militant scientist
Suffer no defeat is upon top of the list

Hope and glory the myth of the labor tores
We’re comin’ down and tellin’ you a different story
Any time when we come positive and confident
And them coulda never escape this ya judgment

And them coulda never escape this ya judgment
Yes, them coulda never escape this ya judgment

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Celui Qui Ne Connaît Pas L'histoire Est Condamné À La Revivre.