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26 février 2013 2 26 /02 /février /2013 12:27

A member of Anarchist Federation of Bulgaria (FAB) about social protest in the country

Government felt — protests continue. A Bulgarian anarchist talks about the protests on Monday [18 février]:

In Sofia, there were three points of the protests: Parliament, Eagle Bridge, Monument V.Levskomu. The Parliament was stormed. Police shields shot and retreated. The people threw firecrackers and paint on the building, then ebbed away, not knowing what to do (Parliament, then empty). Little later they find out the reason of “peacefulness” of gendarmes — they went to Levski monument, where the official language spoken is what all nonsense to celebrate his birthday.


People went there to stop them, but they were leaked to the group by the end of the ceremony. There they booed wreath rests on behalf of the Prime Minister to the monument Guards. Boiled An independent informal impromptu meeting boiled. There were speeches of nationalist and anti-party activists with a dislike for the nationalists.

Meanwhile, the part of the protesters blocked a major intersection at Eagle Bridge. There, there was a big fight with the police. On the pavement laid hats, gloves, even shoes, beer bottles, trash everyone… Police went to the building of television.


For a press-conference, arranged by himself, Prime Minister brought two women, allegedly members of the protesters. They were interrogated. Their journalists with members of active committees, who have infiltrated into the hall, attacked the two with fools questions revealing their connections with the authorities. They began to argue with the Prime Minister, and he offended himself, called the press impudent and left the room. This provoked a storm of discontent.

Promises of the authorities to reduce the price of the electricity within a month caused additional irritation.

In Plovdiv someone raised a black flag. It was probably one of the anarchists, but there is no confirmation. In any case, black flags were put in the windows, but not in the anarchist sense, more like “funeral of government.”

Once the police had gone to the university, taking prisoners (not rescued), Eagle Bridge filled with people. They was said to throw stones at police that in front of the metro station of the University. Some thunder was heard from the Monument of Soviet army (that’s almost in a straight line along the Russian Blvd.) Among the people on the bridge many wounded, but the gathered were even more than before. On the radio milled stuff.

At Levski Monument (500 meters from Russian Boulevard) clearly the group of nationalists formed, more liberal public gathered at the Nevsky Temple. Shields and helmets of gendarmes spattered with yellow, or white paint.

Atrocious weather — wind and snow.

In Varna, the police defended the city center, where there are the City Council and the headquarter of Elektromonopolista. They throw stones and rotten vegetables. (Marine City! And any rotten fish couldn’t found … a disgrace.) No information how many wounded, how many arrested…

We try to focus on the promotion of FAB (Federation of Anarchists in Bulgaria). In this sense: Civilian control is good. But will it work? How to choose the representatives of the people to oversee the state? Not to sell it? Additionally — the whole system of social control more difficult.

So is not it better to leave the Civic Committees to function themselves in places, according to the principles of direct democracy to regional problems communicating publicly through the Assembly, and all the organs of the state apparatus — to remove as completely unnecessary?


Traduit du russe (Action autonome, 21 février 2013) – Radical-europe mailing list


Sofia : 33 interpelées lors d’une marche

Trente-trois personnes ont été interpelées hier en marge de la manifestation contre la pauvreté et la corruption à Sofia, qui avait réuni dans le calme plus de 10.000 manifestants, a annoncé aujourd’hui le ministère bulgare de l’Intérieur. Les Bulgares ont exprimé dimanche dans le calme leur déception vis-à-vis de la classe politique après la démission, le 20 février, du premier ministre conservateur Boïko Borissov.

Des actes de vandalisme ont cependant été commis dans la soirée. Des jeunes ont abîmé des voitures et brûlé des bennes à ordures, a annoncé ce matin Valeri Yordanov, chef de la police de Sofia, à la radio publique bulgare. Au total, 30 personnes ont été interpelées et inculpées pour hooliganisme, a-t-il indiqué. Par ailleurs, trois personnes munies de crosses de hockey, de coups de poing américains et de couteaux, avaient été interpelées avant le début de la manifestation, a-t-il ajouté. Des actes de violence faisant 28 blessés avaient marqué les rassemblements à Sofia, bien moins importants, les 18 et 19 février.

Les manifestations quotidiennes qui ont lieu depuis quinze jours en Bulgarie ont été déclenchées par les factures d’électricité reçues en janvier, dont le montant a plus que doublé par rapport à décembre. Ces protestations se sont ensuite tournées contre le gouvernement et contre tous les partis. Le Parlement a entériné le 21 janvier la démission du gouvernement conservateur du Premier ministre Boïko Borissov et des élections anticipées sont prévues au printemps.

Publié par des larbins de la maison Poulaga (Agence Faut Payer, 25 février 2013)

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